ILLUMINATI mentioning the Illuminati is much discussion's cause. He tries to consider retribution for what has occurred between him and God before time begins so the only means he might fake God will be to damage Their PEOPLE (US)thus he interefere within 50 cent the music industry and grabbed most of the prosperous and most effective people on the planet since he thinks the only way to rule all Gods people is to utilize MONEY and ENERGY.

He attempts to consider retribution for what's happened between him and God before time starts thin only method he might mock God is always to destroy His PEOPLE (US)thus he interefere while in the audio marketplace and grabbed all the affluent and many potent people on earth because he believes the only method to rule all Gods people is to utilize MONEY and POWER.

Every popular music-video has the ILLUMINATI token in, every one of the words are geared towards destroying not just Christian but all kind of morales that are good. Rihanna is showing youngsters kill and to dress just like a slut and consume together with jay-z, lil David and everyone in rap maps. The way in which he fused his impacts (grindcore, hip hop, steel, classic rock/psychedelia, hardcore...), he produced something refreshing, something unparalleled, and most significantly something amazing.
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